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Personal Fee Schedule
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Effective: March 12, 2021
Subject to change without notice except as required by law.
Account Research-per hour $35
Call Center Assisted Transfer No Charge
Check Printing Fee Prices Vary
Collection Item-Domestic
Collection Item-International
    Paid Check-Per Item
    Statement-Per Statement
    All Other Photocopies-Per Page
Debit Card Replacement
    Rush Order-Debit Card
Early Closure
(Applies To Accounts Closed Within 6 Months Of Opening Date, this fee does not apply to the eVantage checking account.)
Endorsement Guarantee $20
Fax Service-Per Page $5
Legal Process
Levy, Attachment, Restraining Order, or other legal process
May Change as Prescribed by Law
$125 + Attorney Fees
Non-Customer Provident Bank Check Cashing $10
Notary Service-per signature $15
Official Checks
    Cashiers Check-per item
    Money Order-per item
    Insufficient Funds-Paid or Returned2
    Uncollected Funds2
    Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee (Savings)2
    Overdrawn Account Fee
    One Time Charge Applied After the 5th Business Day Of
   Continuous Overdraft
These fees apply to all checking and savings accounts for transactions made by check, in-person, Point of Sale (POS), or other electronic withdrawals.
1 Maximum of four (4) Insufficient Funds and/or four (4) Uncollected Funds per day on checks, ACH and POS transactions. Any transaction of $10.00 or less will not be assessed an Insufficient Funds or Uncollected Funds charge.
2 Per Occurrence.
Returned Check-Deposited Item $15
Rolled Coin- Per Roll $0.10
Savings Passbook Replacement $5
Stop Payment
Check, Electronic Withdrawal, Renewals, and Bill Payment
Temporary Check-Per Check $2
Verification of Deposit $25
Wire Transfer
   Domestic Incoming
   Domestic Outgoing
   International Incoming
   International Outgoing
Retirement Account Services
   (BRP) Annual Trustee Fee Savings Option
   (BRP) Distribution Fee (Lump Sum Distribution)
   (BRP) Outgoing Transfer
   (IRA) Annual Trustee Fee Savings Option
   (IRA) Distribution Fee (Lump Sum Distribution)
   (IRA) Outgoing Transfer
   Marital Dissolution
Safe Deposit Boxes * - Check with your local branch for availability
Box Size
2 x 5
3 x 5
5 x 5
3 x 10
5 x 10
6 x 10
7 x 10
10 x 10
Forced Box
Late Payment
Annual Rental