Loan Rates

Effective as of: August 7, 2020

5/1 ARM
Rate 3.375%, then 3.000% APR 3.414%
On a typical loan of $510,400.00, 60 monthly payments of $2,256.46; then 300 monthly payments of $2,166.31.
7/1 ARM
Rate 3.500%, then 3.000% APR 3.539%
On a typical loan of $510,400.00, 84 monthly payments of $2,291.92; then 276 monthly payments of $2,179.09.
10/1 ARM
Rate 3.625%, then 3.000% APR 3.665%
On a typical loan of $510,400.00, 120 monthly payments of $2,327.69; then 240 monthly payments of $2,201.43.

Rates are subject to increase at the end of the fixed rate period, may adjust annually thereafter, and are based on an index plus a margin. For more information on our products, please review our program disclosures.

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ARM = Adjustable Rate Mortgage. APR = Annual Percentage Rate, assumes a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 80% and a 690 credit score. The index is the average interbank offered rates for one year U.S. Dollar denominated deposits in the London Market ('LIBOR') as published in the Wall Street Journal. The APR does not include closing costs or discount points. Your interest rate will depend upon your credit history, loan-to-value (LTV), occupancy, property type, loan amount and loan purpose. The APR may increase after consummation and may vary.
This is not an offer for an extension of credit or commitment to lend. All applications are subject to borrower and property underwriting approval. Not all applicants will qualify. All loan products and terms are subject to change without notice.
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